Design and validate ambitious ideas

I help founders to validate business and product ideas before investing a lot of money in development.

How I help good people to test bold ideas

These are the 6 steps I take to a complete process based on the Design Sprint Google Workshop to kick off projects and test high fidelity prototypes with real users to improve and move as quick as possible.



Get ready to quick start your project in a workshop with me and your team. We're going to interview the experts, create notes, map our problem and make strategic decisions about our product.



Your team will shine bringing ideas to the table as they learn how to draw concepts in the second part of the workshop. In the end, everyone will create a concept with their unique point of view on how the product should looks like.



The participants will help the decider to choose what concept is the chosen one to become a high fidelity prototype to be tested with the users.


Test and Learn

Handing our prototype over to people validates if our bold idea is actually a really good idea. After all, we will learn how to improve and make something even better.



Concept validated! It's time to move to the final design of the product. We go far enough to develop a MVP.



I help to define the first basic components to hand over to the company design team continuing working on the product in the long run.

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I worked with

Outoo - A geo-based platform to help people finding the perfect workplace.

Outoo - A geo-based platform to help people find the perfect workplace.

Emasters - Join, create and manage esports tournaments with ease.

Huggo - Decreasing hotel idleness by booking separate services for nomad people.

Concept Project with the Startaê team

Mobigo App - Helping people to avoid public transportation high traffic and incidents.

Project thesis to SENAC University.

What kind people say

KJ Prince
CEO at Double Top - New York CIty USA

Victor is a master designer who's skilled, experience, and talent were apparent from the first days of our engagement. Unlike many designers I've work with, Victor has a clear focus on how the application of design can make a real difference in our business. I've worked with Victor on several projects and have always been impressed by his ability to ask the right questions and move the project forward without much guidance from our team. Victor has a unique ability to translate the vision of a founder or product manager into a tangible problem and solution set—and then design a beautiful, useable product. Victor brings a tremendous amount of empathy for the target customer—and uses that empathy to craft designs that are focused on problem solving. I recommend Victor to all of my colleagues but never my competitors.

Fernanda Mourão
CEO at Outoo - São Paulo Brazil

Working with Victor was great due to his holistic vision and wiliness to understand the context, propose ideas, and always be available to discuss matters that might have not been in the scope. It’s like a partnership that we can count on the whole process. There are a few design professionals that I came across with this approach and that’s why I want to work with him in other projects.

Amanda Louisi
Brand Designer - São Paulo Brazil

I've been collaborating with Victor since 2010, I can say that he is never guided by just guessing and false intuitions. His highlight quality is the eager to seek beyond the clients problem. He can be visual and creative, without losing the perspective on reality and the end goal. Working with him taught me a lot of how to look at design deeply. Anyone who hires Victor can be sure of choosing a designer who will look into a problem carefully in order to find an adequate solution, capable of bringing real results.

Henrique Rainha
Traditional Sculpture Artist - São Paulo Brazil

When I met with Victor I was in a moment of change at work, a bit lost, but with a dream in my hands. In the first talk, which was supposed to be just a marketing website became a new path to my career. Besides the quality, the project came out exactly the way I needed and quickly brought results. Victor had a unique vision that goes way beyond a simple website. It was actually a big step towards my dream!

Vlad Balan
Design Director at HyperApps - Romania

The most important thing is the passion that Victor brings into our collaborations, the way we tackle a new project, and of course the high quality work that he delivers.


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High Fidelity Prototypes

Moderated User Testing

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