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I'm a UI & Interaction Designer that can design and prototype better solutions for your app or website. Let's talk about how we can improve your company!

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Process to improve apps and services


First we need to find out what are the problems that might getting in the way of your digital products success. We will talk to your users and see what's doing great and what is not.

R$ 3.400,00  mensais*


After knowing all the problems, I will drive you through an ideation process to find out what are the best ideas to solve these problems.

R$ 2.450,00 mensais*


I don't really like long presentations that don't show how the ideas we got actually will work. So I quick design high fidelity prototypes to demonstrate how the product will look and feel as if it was real.

R$ 3.830,00 mensais*

Test & Improve

Our ideas actually work? Let's test our prototype with users and get their feedbacks, if it was a bad idea, no problem! We can improve the prototype and test it again and again, until we find the best solution.

R$ 3.830,00 mensais*

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What people say:

"When I came to Victor I was in a moment of change at work, a bit lost, but with a dream in my hands. At the first talk, what was supposed to be just a marketing website became a new path on my career. Besides the quality, the project came out exactly the way I needed and quickly brought results. Luna had a unique vision, that goes way beyond a simple website, it was actually a big step towards my dream!"
Henrique Rainha - Traditional Sculpture Artist
"Since I met Victor, working with him since 2010, I can say that he is never guided by just guessing and false intuitions. His highlight quality is the eager of seeking beyond the clients problem. He can be visual and creative, without losing the perspective on reality and the goal. Working with him taught me, and it still does, a lot of how to look at design deeply. Anyone who hires Victor can be sure of choosing a designer who will look into a problem carefully in order to find an adequate solution, capable of bringing real results."
Amanda Louisi - Brand Designer
"Victor did a great job in understanding the scope of work and executing the same in a quick and timely manner. He understood the requirements and was willing to accommodate any changes to improve the designs. Anyone can rely on Victor if they want their job to be delivered as per promise."
Vivek - Itsink Co-founder (Dubai)
"Victor is really passionate about making things work, he helped a lot in both design and business sides. The identity turned out exacly how we expected!"
Jai Rangwani - GoAwaz CTO (Dubai)

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"My goal is to solve your business problems using design as a tool."

I started my Design career back in 2009, working for a local visual communication company known as Chris Signs. There I learned the importance of brands perception to small and medium business, as I developed visual graphic materials.

Then I worked to a big ad agency named A1 Brazil, where I had the opportunity to work in the tech area with big clients. I spent a short period there until get ready to be a full time freelancer. At that time I met the UX Designer Adriano Trenahi, and together we found the MK Ideas - UI Design. We worked for many local business and companies with Design and Digital Marketing.

As a freelancer, I had the opportunity to work with big clients in Brazil, such as Itaú Bank, Jamef Transportation and Serasa Experian within Affero Labs. Not to mention Roche - Pharmaceutical Industries with e-learning materials.

In 2012 I graduated in Digital Design at University Center SENAC, where I learned all the foundations of interaction design.

Nowadays I work along with an awesome Brand Designer and mentor, Amanda Louisi. We've founded Rontu Branding, where we give classes to young designers and work to national and international clients.

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